You don’t have to pour every penny back into your business.
You work hard, your business should be rewarding, not draining.

As THE CEO’S ALLY, I am here to help you get more
out of your business and understand your finances.


customized services

If you are looking for assistance in filing your individual or business tax returns, we can help. Simple Balanced Bookkeeping will work with you to thoroughly understand your situation and make sure that you are optimizing your taxes, and taking the best approach.
Danielle O’Connor is an Enrolled Agent.


  • Individuals who want to file personal tax returns
  • Business owners who want to file personal and/or business tax returns
Enrolled Agent


All packages are made custom to fit your need, but tax preparation services typically include these services.

  • Tax preparation for personal or business filings
  • For businesses, helps plan quarterly payments needed
  • Works with you to ensure you are optimizing your taxes
  • Acts as a resource throughout the year as questions come up prior to tax season

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Danielle does what she is best at so I can do what I am best at

“I love working with Danielle, I am busy running a business and she keeps me on track. She always reminds me of when I need to give her statements. She does what she is best at so I can do what I am best at. She’s always willing to give advice and tackle extra things for me like 1099’s, etc. I think everyone should have Danielle helping them run their business more efficiently.”

– Krista Storm




Welcome, and I’m glad you’re here. I’m Danielle O’Connor, the founder of Simple Balanced Bookkeeping. I’ve been a bookkeeper since 2012, but I’ve had a heart for analysis and problem solving since I was a kid.

As THE CEO’S ALLY, I am more than a bookkeeper. I am a financial resource, a partner in your business, and an ally in reaching your goals. My team and I help clients gain back their time, and give them peace of mind knowing that their business finances are handled by experts.

Our goal is to be a true ally in your business. To make sure you are getting paid while gaining back valuable (money-generating) time. This is why I’m known as THE CEO’S ALLY. You can read what my clients have to say about our work together here.

– Danielle O’Connor, THE CEO’S ALLY